When you lose important files, trust the world's best data recovery company, HDD Repairing And Data Recovery-Iran

Nobody expects data loss. A hard drive failure or virus attack can occur in seconds, wiping out important files and leaving you with a limited set of options.
1. You can attempt to recreate the lost data.
2. Restore from your most recent backup, or find a best data recovery company.
If you've lost access to critically important data, we're here to help. HDD Repairing And Data Recovery was originally established in 2012 as HDD Repairing And Data Recovery. We developed a reputation for our high success rates. we rebranded our business to better serve our growing customer base. We provide data recovery from Raid , NAS server, SAS and SATA hard drives, and various other data related services.
From the beginning, we've focused on outfitting our laboratories with the best available tools and expertise, and unlike some other providers.
Our lab is equipped with the latest and the most powerful data recovery tools PC3000-Express, MRT-Ultra, Data Compas, Data Copy King, Flash Doctor, Sediv and all other latest and best data recovery tools.
We have the state of the art class 100 clean room for hard drive surgery and head-platers transplant.