Powerfull Repair HDD SeDiv Disk Image Powerfull Support 1 Year For Training SeDiv Free Cut Head Seagate F3 Auto Arco And SF WD Burn-In Samsung

 Learn to build a new license for SeDiv


Frist need find MB and CPU and VGA and RAM good

MB need SATA PIO or AHCI support and need install windows XP or windows 7 or windows 10 – 32 Bit or 64 Bit 

after need install all drivers:

1-Driver MB

2-Driver VGA

Support All monitor  (wide)

3-Driver Monitor

and need cable 15 pin real

Note: All pins must be checked with a multimeter

4-Driver USB Terminal

5- Driver other Hardware need to installed

6-After installed all Driver need RUN file SeDiv.ini and SeHitachi.ini

 Note: Located in the folder


You must first open the SeDiv.ini or SeHitachi.ini file
According to the photo:

Go to track user profile    Info User

Write your full profile

1- Fill name= Need write user Full name
2- Country = The name of the country in which the client is
3- City = The name of the city in which the client is
4-ICQ = If the client uses ICQ chat, they can enter the ID in this section
Note: If the client doesn’t use this chat, use the None option
5- Email = User Email active SeDiv
6- Kay = Enter a license SeDiv in this section

Save Settings Package ARCO & Package BURN-IN
open pic log 3

1-ARCOFolder = For Address Package ARCO WD
2-BURNFolder = For Address Package BURN SAMSUNG


Watch the video below carefully

Download Video 1

Download Video 2



Goo Folder SeDiv and Open File SeDiv.ini, After Edit Save TXT and open Sediv goo option Info Generate 


Note: After confirming the receipt of money required user information (name and last name and a valid e-mail) to create a new license

Note: Gmail is blocked need Hotmail or Yahoo or other Email

WhatsApp + Telegram: +989123486391

Skype :  peter_sany71  


user can send this license.lic for activer SeDiv Email

Email active: sedivlic@list.ru

Note: After creating the license.ini , the user can send the file to Active , need wait DLL 

Note 1:

After activating the software, the user can never perform a new driver or new hardware or hardware replacement or hardware removal.

If one of these steps is done, the software will be disabled

Note 2:

After Active SeDiv user need star  image all HDD for software Norton Ghost or Acronis

If Windows crashes for any reason, the user can restore the previous Windows


Recommended motherboards:




Intel X58 LGA1366


Intel DH87MC Desktop




Intel DP35DP



GIGA X58 LGA1366