HDD Double-thread COM Cable Plus is the world’s first and innovative COM command cable with 6 COM connectors including Seagate IDE HDD COM Connector, Western Digital 3.5″ IDE COM connector, Quantum IDE HDD COM connector, Samsung SATA HDD COM connector, Seagate SATA HDD COM connector and Toshiba SATA HDD COM connector.

HDD Double-thread COM Cable Plus is all-in-one COM connector suite for different hdd brands mentioned above and it’s compatible with almost all the hdd repair or data recovery software or hardware tools which use COM port to transfer hard drive commands to repair and restore the hard drives.

HDD Double-thread COM Cable Plus is used to connect the PC by its USB connector and connect the hard drive by its COM connector. Users need to select the right COM connector for the hard drive according to the marks on the COM connectors and it’s to transfer the HDD commands more stably and faster than any other COM cables or connectors.