HDD Repair Screwdriver Set Pro

HDD Repair Screwdriver Set Pro. is one complete and professional hard drive repair and data recovery screwdriver set. It’s one hardware-only product, no software is necessary.

HDD Repair Screwdriver Set Pro. can be used to open hard drives of all hard drive brands including Seagate, WD, Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujtisu, etc, it support both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives too.

HDD Repair Screwdriver Set Pro. is compatible with the latest Seagate and WD slim hard drives too.


The most important, the quality is super and users just need one set to complete their physical hdd recovery job, open the hard drives, remove the head stack, swap the PCB, etc.

It can be easy to find one set of screwdrivers but to find a good set which you can use in your repair jobs for a long time is not easy. HDD Repair Screwdriver Set Pro. saves all your time to make your hdd repair and data recovery jobs easier.