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SW-CJ-1G single-person single-side (horizontal air supply) clean bench

It is widely used in medicine, pharmacy, biological & chemical experiment, electron, precise apparatus, instrument and so on.

This is a kind of new unidirectional air flow clean bench designed and made with international advanced technology, adopting fan system with air volume adjustable and matched with movable door free to locate. Contact switch adjusts voltage to keep wind speed in working area in ideal state all the time.

Main characters

1,Equipped with spring up/down movable door in the front and back of work bench, flexible and convenient to locate,air insulation design to avoid cross pollution inside and outside

2,Contact switch adjusts voltage to keep wind speed in working area in ideal state all the time.

3 Operate with LED panel.

4 The material of the work area is 304 stainless steel.

No. Index/Model SW-CJ-1G single-person single-side(horizontal air supply) clean bench
Cleaning level Grade 100(209E U.S. Federal)
Number of bacteria ≤0.5per utensil.hour(90mm utensil)
The average wind speed 0.25~0.45m/s(Speed two-speed)
Noise ≤62dB
Power supply AC, 220 V/50Hz
Illumination ≥300LX
Half ventilation peak value ≤ 3μm(XYZ direction)
Max. power consumption 300W
Weight <85Kg
Dimension of working area(W1×D1×H1) 700*400*515mm
Overall dimension W*D*H 855*550*1600mm
Efficient filter specifications and quantities 695*600*38*1
Specification and number of fluorescent lamp or UV lamp of ultraviolet lights 8w*1 /  10w *1
Suited number Single Single

Note: Special specification of non-standard type clean bench is also available on demand.