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Creat LIC Sediv

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 Learn to build a new license for SeDiv


Frist need find MB and CPU and VGA and RAM good

MB need SATA PIO support and need install windows XP or windows 7

after need install all drivers:

1-Driver MB

2-Driver VGA

Support All monitor  (wide)

3-Driver Monitor

and need cable 15 pin real

4-Driver USB Terminal

5- Driver other need installed

6-After installed all Driver RUN SeDiv and open this option

        —-program / Info genrate


after you can see file license.lic

Note: User can Write info in SeDiv.ini in folder SeDiv:

You must first open the SeDiv.ini or SeHitachi.ini file
According to the photo:

Info User

1- Fill name= Need write user Full name
2- Country = The name of the country in which the client is
3- City = The name of the city in which the client is
4-ICQ = If the client uses ICQ chat, they can enter the ID in this section
Note: If the client doesn’t use this chat, use the None option
5- Email = User Email active SeDiv
6- Kay = Enter a license SeDiv in this section

Save Settings Package ARCO & Package BURN-IN
open pic log 3

1-ARCOFolder = For Address Package ARCO WD
2-BURNFolder = For Address Package BURN SAMSUNG


Download Video 1

Download Video 2

Goo Folder SeDiv and Open File SeDiv.ini, After Edit Save TXT and open Sediv goo option Info Generate 

user can send this license.lic for activer SeDiv Email

Email active:

Note: after send active user need first goo setting windows

tools/ folder option / tap 2 view / show hidden files =select

Hide empty drives in the computer foder

Hide extension for know file trpes

Hide protected operation system file( Recommended)

After you can see Source.txt and need Rename source.dll

Note 1:

After the software is active, you need to take a backup with Norton Ghost

Note 2:

After installing Windows drivers You can not install new drivers
Because after installing the new driver, the software exits the active
And you need to restore the image Norton Ghost


Recommended motherboards:




Intel X58 LGA1366


Intel DH87MC Desktop




Intel DP35DP



GIGA X58 LGA1366