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Video Create LIC 1

Video Create LIC 2

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Learn to build a new license for SeDiv

Frist need find Mother Board and CPU and VGA and RAM good

MB (Mother Board) need SATA PIO or AHCI support and need install windows XP or windows 7 or windows 10 – 32 Bit or 64 Bit 

after need install all drivers Original:

1-Driver MB

2-Driver VGA

Support All Monitor  (wide)

3-Driver Monitor (windows Auto detect After install Driver VGA)

Note:  Monitor cable must be original, ie all pins (15 pins) must be checked with an ohmmeter

If the monitor cable is original, Windows will automatically recognize the monitor driver

How to identify the original cable?

You have to test with a multimeter 15 between the cables that connect to each other

V-G50 VGA cable 5m


4-Driver USB Terminal

We have shown you some Terminals of hard disk 

Important: The terminal driver must be installed

5– Driver other Hardware need to installed

6-After installed all Driver need RUN file SeDiv.ini and SeHitachi.ini

 Note: Located in the folder

You must first open the SeDiv.ini or SeHitachi.ini file
According to the photo:

Go to track user profile    Info User

Write your full profile

1– Fill name= Need write user Full name
2– Country = The name of the country in which the client is
3– City = The name of the city in which the client is
4-ICQ = If the client uses ICQ chat, they can enter the ID in this section
Note: If the client doesn’t use this chat, use the None option
5– Email = User Email active SeDiv
6– Kay = Enter a license SeDiv in this section

Save Settings Package ARCO & Package BURN-IN
open pic log 3

1-ARCOFolder = For Address Package ARCO WD
2-BURNFolder = For Address Package BURN SAMSUNG

Goo Folder SeDiv and Open File SeDiv.ini, After Edit Save TXT and open Sediv goo option Info Generate 

Note: After confirming the receipt of money required user information (name and last name and a valid e-mail) to create a new license

Note: Gmail is blocked need Hotmail or Yahoo or other Email

WhatsApp + Telegram: +989123486391

Skype :  peter_sany71  

user can send this license.lic for active SeDiv Email

Email active:

Note: After creating the license.ini , the user can send the file to Active , need wait DLL 

Note 1:

After activating the software, the user can never perform a new driver or new hardware or hardware replacement or hardware removal.

If one of these steps is done, the software will be disabled

Note 2:

After Active SeDiv user need star  image all HDD for software Norton Ghost or Acronis

If Windows crashes for any reason, the user can restore the previous Windows

Recommended motherboards: